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Our vision from day 1? To create a comfortable, unique, and welcoming atmosphere for anyone to come in and enjoy. All of our furnishings are from the 1920's and carry the true vibes of the roaring 20's with them into the modern day. Located on the famous Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, we wanted to give a fresh look to the area.

In addition to the clean aesthetic, we have a live DJ playing every single day inside of the shop to create good and energetic vibes. Getting a piercing, a tattoo, or just browsing fine jewelry should be an amazing and fun experience, which is what we aim to give with every customer.


Our venue if perfect for any type of event or gathering you need in the West Hollywood/LA area! We have an open floor plan that is the perfect location to ensure your gathering, party, musical performance, movie scene, wedding, or showcase is comfortable and fun! 


Our venue also offers a dressing room, shower, stage for performances, dace floor, and a bar for refreshments. All of our furniture is from the 1920's as well, so you know you are getting an authentic true feel. The space can accommodate approximately 100 people standing, or 65 people sitting. 

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